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A brief selection of multidisciplinary professional collaborations related to photography, please get in touch for further information.

Festival programmer for the WARM Foundation.

Manager education at World Press Photo.

Storytelling/Narrative teacher at Magnum Photo and Speos photojournalism and documentary photography students in Paris.

Magnum photographer Moises Saman, artist Daria Birang and French fashion designer Agnes B. for the official launch of the photo-book “Discordia” in Paris, 2016.

Press photography archives a two­-day workshop led by the Mission of photography of the Ministry of Culture and national archives of France (2015).

Kaveh Golestan retrospective photo-­book (in production). Editing. France, Iran, UK (2015).

Patrick Chauvel Foundation, Exhibitions. France (2014).

Laurent van der Stockt: Syria ­ Which Way to the Frontline? Multimedia. Bosnia, Iraq, France (2014).

Antonio Martinelli: Lucknow ou miroir du temps Book & Exhibition editing (2013).

Stanley Greene: Ukraine Bunker Series (2013), Syria Sleep (2011). Editing & Distribution.

Agence France-Presse, Photo-Editor. International (2008-2014).

Stern Magazine, Assignments. Kenya (2008).

Polka Gallery, Exhibitions. France (2007-2009).

Reza Deghati, Assignments, Exhibitions, Conferences. Afghanistan, China, France (2006-2007).

Aina World NGO, Assignments, Logistics. Afghanistan, France (2001-2003).

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