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Webinars: film & photography

Online interactive conferences in collaboration with Paul Lowe of the London College of Communcation, School of Arts. 2016 – 2019

Photography & film professionals discuss their work, context and exchange with the public.

WARM Festival 2016

Photo Webinar 1

Enric Marti, Manoocher Deghati, Paul Lowe, Andrew Quilty in conversation with Maral Deghati. 

Discussion about today’s (technologically advanced) working environment, and the shift in ways of working. How does this affect photographers who started off in the analogue world. Discussions related to image-making today & the role of archives.

Enric Marti, Manoocher Deghati, Paul Lowe, Andrew Quilty

Photo Webinar 2

Andrew Quilty & Jerome Huffer on the shock of the image and censorship when dealing with violent events.

Images portraying death and violence pose an array of complex questions starting with the image-maker, on to the distributor and then the viewers.

The Kunduz MSF hospital attack had many issues, some of Andrew’s photos were not published either from self-censorship, others were blocked by MSF; an example as to why so we must question and be transparent about the dilution of information as it is passed through the media machine.

Please, and thanks to note that some audio segments may have poor recording conditions due to the multi-device online set-up of the webinars. 

Full program of upcoming webinars at Visa Pour L’Image 2016.

Online interactive conferences during Visa Pour L’Image, professional week 29.08 – 4.09 2016

Maral Deghati will curate  webinars with photography professionals to discuss their work, context and exchange during professional week at Visa Pour L’Image.

To listen and view, please click on the underlined title.

Photo webinar 3*

Thursday 1st of September, 9:30 a.m. Stanley Greene of NOOR photo agency and Dominic Nahr (exhibiting photographer) discuss their work and experience in South Sudan.

Two photojournalists from two generations and both working in Sudan Sudan, witnessing the country’s unravelling history from a civilian perspective.

“In 2007, photographer Stanley Greene was in Chad to make a story about the crisis in Darfur, western Sudan, seen through the eyes of the victims. “Today in South Sudan, a catastrophe is taking place unnoticed. A succession of natural disasters has combined with decades of civil wars to leave more than a quarter of the population dependent on aid to survive. Half million people face starvation today. “The world seems unconcerned, or unaware,” I wrote this statement in 1993 and now its happening again now in 2016.”

“South Sudan has been an independent state for five years, but since December 2013, with violence that first erupted over a dispute between President Salva Kiir and former Vice-President Riek Machar, 2.5 million people have now been uprooted by fighting between ethnic Dinka forces backing President Kiir, and Nuer fighters defending the rebel leader, Machar.  The conflict has spread across the country, with the combination of violence, famine and disease developing into a humanitarian disaster.  Dominic Nahr’s report shows the plight of the civilian victims of the war.”

*an improved audio recording will soon be available.

Photo webinar 4

Friday 2nd of September, 9:30 a.m. Alexandra Boulat (exhibiting photographer)

Gallery Castang-Art-Project in Perpignan hosts an exhibition of the works of the French photojournalist Alexandra Boulat on the sidelines of Visa Pour L’Image.

Alexandra Boulat was born in Paris, France, May 2nd 1962 and died in Paris on the 5th of October 2007. After being originally trained in graphic art and art history at the Beaux Arts in Paris, Alex decided to follow the steps of her father, LIFE Magazine photographer Pierre Boulat. Represented by Sipa Press for 10 years until 2000, in 2001 she cofounded VII Photo Agency. Boulat covered news, conflicts and social issues as well as producing extensive reportage on countries and people.

Invited guests will speak of Alexandra’s life and works, and the legacy she left behind. Including Annie Boulat, Alexandra’s mother and Cosmos photo agency director as well as Christopher Morris of VII photo agency, and Ferit Duzyol de l’agence SIPA.

Photo webinar 5

 Friday 2nd of September, 3 p.m. Journalist and film-maker Lucas Menget and photographer Laurence Geai discuss working in Iraq.

Belgian photojournalist Laurent van der Stockt and French reporter Lucas Menget have jointly collaborated to create “Baghdad, Chronicle of an Immured City”, a film about the day-to-day experiences of social divisions in war-ridden Baghdad.

Lucas Menget, editor in chief of French news channel i-Télé will discuss his long-term journalistic experience in Iraq, the work of the young photojournalist Laurence Geai and of the ongoing situation since the fall of Saddam in 2003.

 *2019 serie coming soon!

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