Editor. Curator . Producer . Consultant



Editing is the process of selecting and contextualising visual and written information for various projects; media, news, exhibition, publications. The process is often in collaboration with the photographer or author, and demands creative and precision skills.

In journalism, the role of a photo-editor falls between mediums, perspectives, cultures and time; they verify and place context, to tell the story with integrity, for History.


Defining, designing, planning and developing a vision, concept and intention of the exhibition. A-Z exhibition curating services; with both public and private, companies and institutions, artists and photographers.

With the discursive display of images that are witness to History, the curator selects individual works then brings them together to create a whole, to tell other stories.


Pre-production; research, narrative, perspective… Seasoned advice on how to best tell the story and for whom.

Post-production; sales and distribution strategies.


Ability to resource, inform and deliver practical solutions and informed advice requiring a broad range of in depth photographic knowledge and its application.

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